Gerald L. Strickland, Jr.
President, GCLIProw

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GCLIProw is the company behind GCLIP Drive, the rowing shoe-clip system that gives rowers an extra edge in the water or at the gym. Specially engineered to clip in and out of most footboards and erg machines, GCLIP Drive is more efficient, more comfortable, and more impactful than traditional rowing shoe systems.

in numbers.

GCLIP Drive has been analyzed by kinesiology professors, demoed by professionals, and endorsed by Olympic-level rowers. We are proud to have worked with many different boat manufacturers, schools, clubs, and rowing organizations around the world.

Green is good.

Our rowing shoes are manufactured with 3D-printed recycled plastics and injection-molded mountings. Every order is fulfilled by the VIA in Buffalo, New York, USA, and distributed to boat manufacturers, clubs, schools, and individuals around the world.


At GCLIProw, we strive to minimize the amount of waste created during our manufacturing process. To do so, we’ve collaborated with Buffalo Manufacturing to implement a system that reintroduces all scrap materials back into the manufacturing process—without compromising production or quality. We’re also proud to incorporate recycled plastics into our production process. 

 Brian Georger, Buffalo Manufacturing 

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