The Idea

Innovation is often borne of curiosity. That was certainly the case with the invention of G CLIP™ Quick Release Rowing Shoe System. One day, while on a job designing a local boathouse for the West Side Rowing Club, Buffalo architect Gerald L. Strickland peeked into one of the rowing shells. When he saw the worn-out pairs of shoes fixed to the boat, he was both horrified and captivated. He asked about them and learned how the shoes often cause all kinds of problems, including rowers pulling out of them during events.

A natural problem solver, Gerald began to think of ways to enhance the rowing experience by providing a more comfortable and secure solution.

And so G CLIP™ Corporation was born.

Founded in 2013 in Buffalo, NY, the firm produces the Quick Release Rowing Shoe System (patent pending), which not only allows rowers to enjoy total stability within their own shoes, but also provides a safe release in case of an emergency.

You need drive to be competitive in the sport of rowing. But when your feet pull out during a race, or you have to wear dirty shoes, it can impact your ability to compete and win.

But with the Quick Release Rowing Shoe System by G CLIP™, you can eliminate the problems posed by ill-fitting, unhygienic rower’s shoes.

The Quick Release Rowing Shoe System is a cleat assembly and shoe system designed exclusively for rowers, using the latest field research. With this revolutionary system, feet are splayed, reducing stress on joints during full stroke and improving performance.

In addition, individual rowers are responsible for their own shoes and cleat. That means no more worrying about sliding or losing leverage during a big race, or dealing with hygiene issues.

The new Quick Release Rowing Shoe System resolves these problems, while also offering better balance and more control. The cost-effective system even exceeds the United States Rowing Association’s Rules for safety release of rowers’ feet, enabling easy exiting in a capsize situation.

Designed for use in both men’s and women’s shells, the Quick Release Rowing Shoe System (patent pending) consists of three components:

  1. Receiver mounted in the shell, designed to fit into the existing mounting holes
  2. Shoe worn by the rower
  3. Quick release cleat to connect the shoe to the receiver

With the system, you can enjoy a more comfortable and durable solution, while also benefiting from enhanced speed and safety.

Don’t get lost in the wake of other boats! Outperform and win with G CLIP™ Quick Release Rowing Shoe System.